Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 7 Picks

Post by William

Heard something very interesting yesterday. Vegas is taking a beating on college football this year. They can't make the lines high enough. A guy from Caesar's said that if you had bet the Top 10 teams each week and gave the points, you would be winning over 70% for the year.

Here are the picks for the week. 40-21-1 for the year. Picks are in ALL CAPS.

FSU minus 13 vs Duke(Home)     If they can, FSU will hit 70    First time since 1982 a team from Florda not ranked

GEORGIA TECH minus 7.5 vs Virginia(Home)      I think last week was a wake up call for Tech. Still, be very careful

SOUTH CAROLINA minus 2.5 vs Miss St(Home)     This doesn't mean that I'm not all in on Miss St. Just don't think Miss St can score

SIDENOTE-    Anybody besides me REALLY want Garcia to tell everything he knows about the Gamecock program? I know some people will say he will be spewing sour grapes, but what does he have to lose? He's already graduated and he's unhireable in South Carolina anyway.  I bet he knows alot he could tell.

LSU minus 16 vs Tennessee(Home)     Tennessee could barely score against UGA. Now they've lost their QB and they're  playing one of the  best D's in the country.

Florida minus 2 vs AUBURN(Home)     This started at Florida PLUS 2. Now Auburn is getting points at home at night playing against a #3 QB and several other QBs. Auburn helps the Dogs again.

SIDENOTE- I've been asked to say something about the NCAA clearing Auburn in the Cam Newton investigation. Don't have much to say. Congratulations. Don't think we've heard the end of it though. Anybody think Miss State paid Cecil, Cam goes to Auburn and now Miss State can't squeal? Just a thought.

ALABAMA minus 25.5 vs Ole Miss(Home)      Bama just playing along until the November 5th "Game of the Century".

Oklahoma St minus 7.5 vs TEXAS(Home)        Upset alert

GEORGIA minus 11 vs Vandy      If you're a big boy football team, you  come out ready to play, put Vandy away early, play clean, manhandle them, and get out of town. Wouldn't it be nice to see a good solid performance before the off week before traveling to Jacksonville? Chances that happens? Yeah, that's what I thought too.

Atlanta(Home) minus 4.5 vs CAROLINA      Julio is out. Falcons look in disarray. They win but don't cover.

NEW ENGLAND(Home) minus 7 vs Dallas       Belichick vs Romo. See video below. Says it all.

A few more things.....

#1   In the poll Mike did about who should be UGA's next coach, here are the results...

Dan Mullen   26%

None of the above    16%

Brian vanGorder   14%

John Gruden   14%

Real happy you voters are not in charge of the program

#2   I REALLY want to try this but I think we would need EMTs on site. Has anybody tried this? If so, please let us know how it is.

#3   Good article on Albany's Josh Broadaway. Not a good start yesterday. 73. T121.

Have a great, safe weekend.

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