Friday, September 2, 2011

Four reasons the Dawgs will win Saturday night.

Post by Mike
Here are the four reasons the Dawgs will dominate Boise State Saturday night in the Dome:

1 - Boise State has improved, but they are not ready to play big boy football. Just check out their record against SEC opponents.

2005 (10-3) Georgia 48-13 (9-4) Boise State
2002 (9-4) Arkansas 41-14 (12-1) Boise State
2001 (9-3) South Carolina 32-13 (8-4) Boise State
2000 (6-6) Arkansas 38-31 (10-2) Boise State

And remember the hype before that 2005 game. The Broncos were the sexy pick then too. Corso, Herbie et al were calling for the upset.

I know the mighty Broncos have evolved and become nationally relevant with big wins over Oklahoma and VaTech, but the last time I checked the Sooners and Hokies were not members of the SEC. They are quality teams, but let's face it, the ACC is a football after thought, and the Big 12 is disintegrating before our eyes.

2 - Grantham has been game planning this match up for months and I think has signaled his intentions of planting Kellen Moore in the turf. He can't beat you if he is trying to throw with his back on the ground.

Check out the depth chart: UGA depth chart Grantham is starting Commings at free safety. His coverage skills are superior to Rambo (not gonna get into the Rambo rumors), signaling to me that our line backers are gonna be blitzing... A LOT!

3 - Also check out this story: UGA's secret weapon. That is a pretty big advantage to have a qb from the Boise State system running your scout team.

4 - If Moore is a good qb, Aaron Murray is a good qb against much tougher competition all year long. While I am suspect about the Dawg running game, I think Murray will pick apart the Bronco secondary. BSU is not equipped to play us man to man, and a zone d leaves lots of room for tight ends to slip into. The last time I checked, we are pretty deep at tight end.


UGA 38
BSU 17

PS - I didn't even broach the whole hot seat issue. We'll leave that one for next week.


  1. keep up the good work Mike, tell me you have 4 reasons and only give 3. Number 4 is UGA is SEC and Boise St. is not a factor. Lock of the year right out of the gate. No way UGA loses. Gowdy can roll over on this one my friend, bet the house.

  2. ok so I didn't see the 4th, but I did give you a way to make tons of money, BET UGA

  3. Nice summary. Points 2 and 4 are the important ones though.

    BTW, we have the same final score on our predictions, so you must be right! :-)