Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Observations

Post by William

Watched ALOT of sports this weekend. A few observations....

#1   I hope everybody saw DWS grad Tony Zenon return opening kickoff of the 2nd half 72 yards for Ga Tech.

#2   Congrats to former Ga Tech golfer Bryce Molder for getting his first PGA Tour win yesterday in a 6 hole playoff vs former Valdosta State golfer Briny Baird. Briny Baird has won over $15 million in his career without a win. We're in the wrong business.

#3   So the Falcons come out last night and looked unbelievable on the first 2 drives, 140 yards, 2 touchdowns. Rest of the game, 111 yards. What happened to the playcalling after the first 2 drives? Terrible. Aaron Rodgers is really good but he doesn't play defense.

#4   Is there a problem developing in Athens? It looks like Crowell could be a problem. Don't like the way he handles himself during the game. I think that's what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket. The Vandy game is the true definition of a "Trap" game for the Dogs.

#5   I'm not sure why but the story below cracks me up.

6-3 on the picks going into tonight's game.

Have a good week.

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