Sunday, October 30, 2011

Observations from a crazy day

Post by William

Some observations from watching yesterday. Not trying to be Debbie Downer but....

#1  I'm usually a big Verne/Danielson fan but they made some awful mistakes announcing the game. Verne called Aaron Murray "Cox". Danielson called him "Rodgers". We think Verne called Carlton Thomas "Ealey". Verne called somebody Tyson Jenkins. When Boykin dropped the INT they never mentioned how that could've been a momentum swing.

#2   Danielson did say something that I imagine everyone has been saying. In the 4th quarter he was BEGGING UGA to run the ball.

#   The Shotgun is a problem. In it WAY too much. When the first play is 3 wideouts in the shotgun, if you go into the "I" everyone knows it's a run. Plus, why can't Crowell run out off the Shotgun? Dogs go into the "I", he runs for 22 yards. Next play Shotgun.

#4  Looking over to the sideline to change the play has to stop. Dogs look completely disoganized when that happens.

#5  On that note, Murray had to tell Crowell 3 times what to do after looking over. Almost got delay twice and had to take one timeout. Does he not know the plays? Is that why he doesn't play more? Is he soft? Drama Queen? I don't understand.

#6  At 2:45 before kickoff, I texted we would run the "ball behind the back" play. Wide open. How can Murray miss that?

#7   Let's hope Coaches Richt and Bobo watched Stanford/USC. Stanford runs it down your throat. So could we.

#8  The punt formation with 3 guys protecting has to go. Drew Butler looked scared that he would kick it off somebody's butt. He pulled up on every punt.

#9  Finally, don't think Dr Adams will like Michael Bennett's quote after the game.

"I've never seen so many drunk people in my life. I jumped into the crowd and all I could smell was whiskey."  Nice.

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