Friday, October 28, 2011

Week 9 Picks

Post by William

It's FINALLY Friday. I know I'm ready for tomorrow b/c it's taken forever to get here.
Here are a few items before the picks

#1   And he wants to be your franchise QB?

#2   Albany's Josh Broadaway shot even par 72 yesterday. Starts today T30 for the event.

#3 case you've missed it . The World Series is being played. Game 7 tonight at 8 on Fox.

Here are the picks. Tougher picks this week w/o 2 layups with Bama and LSU off. 53-30-1 for the year, 63%. Picks are in ALL CAPS

CLEMSON minus 3.5 vs Georgia Tech(Home)    I know Dabo is due to screw up a game but I don't think this is it. Clemson way too fast for GT. Over/under is 63.5  High.

ARKANSAS minus 10 vs Vandy(Home)     Petrino will run it up. Loser.

AUBURN(Home) minus 12 vs Ole Miss    Supposedly it will cost Ole Miss $6 mill to get rid of Houston Nutt, $9 mill for the whole coaching staff. OUCH.

MISS ST minus 10 v Kentucky(Home)    Kentucky is putrid.  

SOUTH CAROLINA minus 4 vs Tennessee(Home)    This one confuses me. UT is starting 3rd QB, UGA was 6-7 point fav at night in Knoxville. I know Lattimore is out but...... Spurrier had off week to try to figure it out.

OKLAHOMA ST(Home) minus 14 vs Baylor    The total in this game could be higher than when they play basketball this year. Over/under is 79!!!

STANFORD minus 7.5 vs Southern Cal(Home)    Laney Boy/Boy Wonder beat ND last week. Big whoop. USC crowd is no factor. Luck puts on a show for national audience-except for us. We get Clemson/GT.

New England minus 3 vs PITTSBURGH(Home)   Tom Brady's hair can't help NE this week.

PHILADELPHIA(Home) minus 3.5 vs Dallas     Philly puts Jerry Jones out of his/our misery for the year. CAUTION on the half point.

UGA minus 3 vs Florida in Jville    I've tried to figure this thing out. Can't do it. 3-18 over last 21. Dogs are due, right? In the last 3 years, Dogs have 12 turnovers, Gators have 1. That's due to change, right? If Dogs lose, Coach Richt will have a losing record against FOUR Gator coaches. That's impossible, right? Phil Steele's computer, 17-2 last week and 120-19 for the year, picks Dogs 30-13. A computer CAN'T be wrong, can it? Bruce Feldman, SENIOR college football columnist, picks Dogs 23-14. You can't be a SENIOR columnist and be wrong, can you?

Please Lord, let me be in a good mood at 7:30pm Saturday night. Amen.

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