Thursday, September 30, 2010

William's Picks for the Week

Post by William

Took a beating on my picks last week, 3-7. Only redeeming factor was that the Falcons did win.

Picks are in ALL CAPS

Here we go:

Kentucky plus 3 vs OLE MISS(Home)- Ole Miss is home. All I've got.

TENNESSEE plus 16.5 vs Lsu(Home)- I know but too many points not to take

Texas plus 3.5 vs OKLAHOMA at Dallas- Mack Brown got smacked last week. Tough comeback

Ga Tech minus 10 vs WAKE FOREST(Home)- This line is crazy. Tech wins but no cover

UGA minus 4.5 vs Colorado(Home)- I'm going down with the ship

Florida plus 7.5 vs ALABAMA(Home)- I wouldn't pull for Florida with one engine out on the team plane

STANFORD plus 7 vs Oregon(Home)- Stanford has a two way FB/LB. Old school

Miami minus 3.5 vs CLEMSON(Home)- Clemson's getting points at home.

San Fran plus 7 vs ATLANTA(Home)- Falcons are dominant. SF no QB

WASHINGTON plus 6 vs Philadelphia(Home)- Michael Vick finally plays an NFL defense

TIEBREAKER- Total points Michigan/Indiana     57

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