Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thoughts for Tuesday

Posted by Mike

145 games in the books, 17 to play, one game down and in need of some sleep.

We were all hoping the Braves could stroll into the playoffs. At this point in the season you have to consider the rest factor. Mine mainly. Yeah I know McCann has to squat 300 times a game and Wagner's arm feels like jello, but have you ever tried to watch the Braves at 9 PM on a Sunday night after long high school football nights followed by a long day of college football, topped off with a Sunday full of games.

Man I am exhausted! This week doesn't get any better. The Braves have five games to play before their all important September 20 match up with the Phillies. The entire season may be determined in this three game set, and it is important we get to that series no more than one game behind, which means every at bat is important.

Now let's talk about the Dawgs and Jackets.

While CMR is walking a bit closer to the ledge, he still has a shot at pulling out a good season. The Dawg Nation will hold their nose and get past a road loss in Columbia with a freshman signal caller.

A home loss to Arkansas would, however, start the unraveling.

Washun Ealey didn't exactly earn his way back into the Dawg Nation heart with his red zone fumble last Saturday, but all will be forgiven if he can rush for 150 plus and hold onto the rock against a soft Razorback D.

It is hard to determine if the Arkansas D is improved. They have only allowed 12 points and 375 total yards in two games, but they have only played Tennessee Tech and Louisiana-Monroe. Of course Ryan Mallett has put up insane numbers against those teams with 701 passing yards and 6 tds.

CTG had better get the kinks worked out before Saturday, and improve his pass rush. Our best shot is to put Mallett on the ground!

Does the ACC really belong in the BCS conversation?

All the talk about how Boise State doesn't belong was only given more ammunition when Va. Tech, Miami, FSU, Virginia and The Jackets all lost in high profile contest.

If BSU beat VaTech, who was considered to be one of the top teams in the ACC, then the entire conference lays an egg, what does that say about the level of competition.

For one it says BSU would be very competitive in the conference. It also says the ACC may be behind the Big 10, Big 12, SEC, PAC 10, Mountain West, and WAC in strength.

Wow... what ever happened to the domination of Miami and FSU?

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