Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Post by William

Well the Braves are in a deep mess now. They started Monday 3 down in the NL East, 2.5 up in wildcard race. Now they're 5 down in East, 1 up in wildcard. Not quite panic time.... but really close. The Padres, Rockies, and Giants are all on our heels.

Monday's game all turned on Jason Heyward botching a fly ball into a 3 base error that opened the floodgate.

Tuesday's game was a mess all around. Rookie pitcher misses the bunt sign, then hits into a double play. McCann hits a double then tries to get to third on a sac fly. Double play. Awful play. Phillies up 3-2. Showered and left before reporters came into the locker room.

Pitching isn't necessarily the problem. Timely hitting is-just like all year. I'm so sick of guys hitting into double plays.

Every game from now on is big. Division is probably done-final 3 games of the season are in Atlanta vs Phillies just in case. We just need to get into the tournament. Tommy Hanson goes tonight against the hottest pitcher in basball, Roy Oswalt.

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  1. And can we please get some one to hit the freakn ball. All season we came up with clutch hits. Now when we need them most Infante and Prado can not buy a hit.

  2. I hear you. I think they're tired. Those two aren't used to a full 162 games. Maybe the guys can go out and relax tomorrow night in DC. Get some golf in during the day.

  3. These guys are no different than Braves of old. I quit watching because I got tired of seeing pitchers come in walk the first guys they face and then have it cost a winning run. Well, I took look at this series and they did it again every night. The Braves Suck!!!