Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where do we start today?

Post by William

Ok. I'm the Coach Richt apologist. I like him. However, I never thought we'd lose Saturday at Starkville. NEVER.

My question for today is....Where does UGA start today? When they meet for practice today, where is the focal point(s)? I'm asking. Please let me know b/c I don't.

Does Richt take over play calling? Is it all about OLine blocking today? How about middle of the DLine? Does Ealey do ball control drills all day? (Just about had enough of him). How does Coach keep from losing this team?

BTW, don't bring up AJ. I don't want to hear anymore about him.

Here's your forum. Go ahead and vent. Try to keep it clean.


  1. I'll admit that I've been a defender of Richt's for the past several years as people have been asking if he's in the "hot seat."

    I think you have to start with the offense. We just aren't scoring enough points. The offense starts with the line, so you have to start there. But I think you have to have Ealy taking the ball to class with him and you have to insist that the other receivers step up, even though Green will be back next year.

    For a team that was supposed to have one of the best offensive lines in the SEC, if not the country, you've got to start there.

  2. Phil Steele-noted college football expert- had UGA OLine preseason #1.

  3. Unfortunately I say it is the coaches, the captain of the ship. I think Richt is a top notch coach, but ultimately it is his ship to right. It is time to rid ourselves of the coaches who just are not cutting it,aka Bobo. If Richt wants to roll the dice and stick with him, he may want to help call plays. It is hard to get excited when your head coach can't even get excited. I'm not sure if the calm, cool approach is the way to go. With all this being said, I can only imagine it is difficult to coach from the city jail every week. 1-3, maybe Ealy rides the bench while Thomas and the other freshmen take the snaps. AJ Green :) sit that selfish bastard the rest of the season, ruin his career just like he is trying to ruin Richt's. The young red-shirt freshman is doing a decent job, but he gets nervous when he checks down to his 3rd receiver. The O-line can only hang in so long. I bet if you ask Murray, he has been counting the days for AJ to return, when he should have been concentrating on making do with what he had to work with. Believe me, I don't know alot, but I do know this was not a rebuilding year. Coach the team coaches.

  4. After reading that Colorado is going to have a blackout this coming Saturday and bring back the coaches and players from the 1990 championship team, I honestly don't know if we can win this game. Quite honestly, I only feel confident about Idaho...
    Ever since Richt's wife had cancer, I wonder if he is putting as much time into his job. If he wants to be a better husband and father, hey, that's fine; but do it the right way and resign. That is just my guess. All I know for sure is that he does not have control of this team. 10 FOOTBALL players since spring practice began. That's more than a player a month. Piss poor tackling, loafing, lack of focus..... Who do you point the finger to??? I really hope Richt can get it turned around quick. I was hoping he would be here a long time.