Friday, September 3, 2010

Think about this while watching the Dawgs Saturday.

Posted by Mike

Uh oh! Spurrier might have a freaking team.

If you watched Carolina Thursday night you saw a talented team with an improved QB, excellent running back, and fast receivers. The Evil Genius had them clicking. Garcia looked confident, even though he missed a few passes, and the freshman QB looked even better.

You also saw a few weak spots which might be Georgia's only shot at winning. USC's O line looked porous, and the D weak.

I am pretty certain the O line is bad, but their could be two reasons for the soft D. 1 – They are pretty bad, or 2 – they were not concerned about preparing for a Southern Miss spread option, and have been using their time to prepare to stop a pro-style attack.

Let's hope it is 1.

There are reasons to be optimistic and pessimistic. Let's look at both:

The bad news first:
Our QB is new and untested.
Is AJ gonna get to play?
Arrest total is up to 10 this season.
Ealey's dumb ass might not get to play.
Carolina has confidence and high expectations.
Spurrier can coach a team like this to a big win over UGA. (reference Wuerffel to Doering on the slant.)

Now the good news:
Our O line IS good.
Our D is full of athletes.
Our new D-coordinator is a BAD ASS!
We're gonna blitz A LOT!
Wuerrfel and Doering don't have any eligibility left.

I am anxious to see how we perform Saturday. If our O clicks likes USC's did, we will all sleep better. If they struggle and bog down against Louisiana – Wanna beea...then uugghh and yuck.

The more I think about it, the USC game may be CMR's biggest test as a coach. His team has been under stress on and off the field. While he has a history of going into hostile spots and winning, this one is different. There is no David Green, Stafford or Knowshon to rely on. Black jersey or hat gimmicks won't get us over the line either, and please God don't encourage them to dance after we score.

To get out of Columbia with a W we have to be perfect on special teams, and if I see one unnecessary flag for a bone head play I'm gonna lose it! This one is gonna take coaching. Can he do it? Yes.

Can he do it, take a disciplined unit into Columbia and win? I had myself convinced until I typed the word “disciplined”.


  1. Well, Well, Well, I guess you got your answer about next weeks GA-SC game. SC will absolutely embarass and expose all the weaknesses in that GA defense. Thank god LAF Lousianna went down with every arm tackle. Willie Martinez had a great sigh of relief knowing it wasn't all him, and that nobody can improve the GA defense. I really like GA, but I guess we will have to go with the "wait till next year attitude" quite frankly, I am tired of saying that and now I am pledging my alligence to ND, yes ND, did you see the fighting Irish tear their opponent to shreds. It will be tough for them too, though, as Michigan really proved they are a force to be reckoned with.
    As for this blog, I am glad you are trying to "make alittle extra" but I think I am going to start one to actually post some interesting and accurate information. After next week you will have nothing to talk about except GA basketball. Good luck suckers.

  2. WhizKid....I couldn't have said any better! How can LAF throw a lagging bomb and SCORE! Unbelievable. The whole program needs a re-do. They gonna wish A.D. Evans was back before the season is over. You're dead on about the Irish and Michigan...

  3. Two people throwing in the towel after a 55-7 win in week one. Weak.

    WhizKid, if you're only now pledging your allegiance to ND, trust me, they don't want it. Nevermind the fact that it's misplaced.

    It was a tune up game against a weak OOC opponent; the same as nearly every other SEC, Big Ten, Big Twelve and PAC 10 team has done in every opening game for the past several decades. The Bulldogs get their first test on the road next week against South Carolina.

    Go Dawgs!

  4. Man, what game was WhizKid watching? You must have been watching the Ole Miss/ Jaxville St game. These guys, whizkid and guru must not be from these parts. Tune in next week at 12 and watch and weep. ND may not win another game this year so, as you would say, good luck sucker. Guru, you must be a guru in field hockey!