Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday AM Random Thoughts

Post by William

OK. Mike got WAY too serious for a Saturday morning.

Just ran an errand. Nothing good on the radio so I clicked on the CD. Got me to thinking. Thought I'd get your thoughts. Let me hear from you.

#1 Who's cooler? Keith Richards or Fred Couples. You have to tell why.(I would've put myself in there but we all know....)

#2 Is there a better guitar player than Eric Clapton? If who, why?

#3 What's the better pregame "get fired up" song...."Thunderstruck" or "Baba O'Reilly"?

#4 Which is the better CD? AC/DC-Back in Black, REM-Green, Police-Zenyatta Mondatta, Stones-Tattoo You? If you're a topper, tell me a better one and why.

#5 Why is fried food so good??!!

Have a great Gameday!!


  1. 1 -You told me to post something on highschool fb.

    2 - A rock star or a golfer? Duh.

    3 - Baba O'Reilly.

  2. 1. Keith far.
    2. Again, Keith Richards. Can't play leads like Clapton, but is the king of riffs and has perfect rhythm.
    3. Baba O'Reilly
    4. Rolling Stones-Let It Bleed. Not a bad song on it, some of the nastiest rock-n-roll ever (the intro to Live With Me and Midnight Rambler).
    5. no idea

    Didn't realize I was such a Stones fan.

  3. 1. Fred Couples is cooler. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Keith Richards has done things to people in an inebriated state that would shock the conscience, he's probably done many cool things, but probably a zillion uncool things. (like puking, peeing on self, etc. you get the idea)
    2. Umm.. Hendrix.
    3. The lead-in of Thunderstruck is one of the best ever. Definite pump-up tune.
    4. I'll go with AC/DC out of those picks. But I'd choose about three or four Beatles albums over it, and I'll agree with Paul on Let It Bleed.
    5. That is weird isn't it? You're basically taking really chopped up grain, putting it on meat, and frying wheat or corn onto meat? Why would that be good. Fried wheat? I'll pass. Fried corn? I'll try it. Anybody ever done that?