Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Random Thoughts

Post by William

Sorry it's taken so long to get this going this week.

#1 What an AWFUL week for the teams we pull for here. UGA, GA Tech, Falcons, Braves, ..... terrible. I do like the fact that neither Coach Richt, Coach Johnson or Coach Smith seem happy with the status quo. Coach Richt called out his team and talked about yanking starters. Don't think we've ever heard that before. The heat is getting turned up in Athens.

#2 What will Urban Meyer do with  Chris Rainey? Remember how he thought it was OK to suspend Brandon Spikes for one half for gouging a UGA player's eyes? Urban's not the strictest disciplinarian. The Florida OC yesterday said Rainey "isn't on the team right now." What does that mean? Run some steps and he's back on? UF AD Jeremy Foley and UF President will get involved in this decision. Great column by Tony Barhnart today. His link is on the right side of the Home Page.

#3 Are the Braves done? I don't have a real good feeling about them right now. We're getting pressure in the wildcard race as well. Somebody's got to step up and hit the ball besides Jason Heyward. The kid is doing all he can.

#4 Anybody notice Boise State lost the 7 1st place votes they got in the writers poll last week after Va Tech lost at home to James Madison?

#5 Took a beating on my picks last week. Hopefully knocked the rust off and will improve this week. I'll have them up Friday with a guest picker as well.


  1. Can't wait cuzz. The WhizzKid gonna cut u bro.

  2. Oh no, somebody is immitating the WhizKid, as you see the misspelling of WhizKid. Not much to say, everything the man said is right on, I am glad I won him over. After a weekend of watching the Dawgs dismal display of defense and offense, I sit and wonder why we spend all our effort and money to support a bunch of young thugs who have not been taugh any respect. They dance around and expect us to respect their thug-life, and low and behold they get it.

    Another issue that might need to be brought up is the lock-out of the NFL players, what a bunch of unappreciative son of a bitches. Making millions upon millions of dollars and then pitch a hissy fit because they want to increase the season to 18 games. I can't wait for the lock-out and then be able to watch the replacements, who have an appreciation of a job.

    Keep up the good posts here, and I'm glad it only took two weeks for you to see it The WhizKid's view. Till next time.

  3. What kind of complete idiot are you both? Good grief. Grow up.

  4. Well Well Well, Mr. Anonymous, not hard to figure you out, Good Grief is one of your favorite sayings. I'm too tired to let you have it, but I will be back.

  5. You a playa!