Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just another Saturday.

The second week of the season will be a bone rattler.

It is pretty rare to see this many Top 25 match ups this early in the season. Let's review what we know.

No. 18 Penn State at 1 Alabama – 7:00 PM - ESPN
These two proud programs met for the first time in 1959. PSU was coached by Rip Enlge and the Tide had the Bear barking out plays. Nick Saban was seven years old, and Joe Pa had just turned 65.

All history aside, this highly anticipated game will disappoint ESPN's 7 PM viewers. The Tide is favored by 12 but will win by 21 even if Ingram is on the bench.

Evan Royster is a good running back for the Lions, but the Crimson will swarm.

No. 12 Miami at 2 Ohio State 3:40 – ESPN
There are two programs in the country with lame, self-aggrandzing poop head fans. One is Notre Dame, the other Ohio State.

While both could beat MOST high school squads in Georgia, Miami ain't no high school squad. The 'Canes are coming up from south Florida and will leave the horseshoe looking like Tony Montana's house at the end of Scar Face. Terrell Pryor is 6'6”, 240 pounds and runs a 4.35 40, but one man alone can not carry a team and Miami has at least three future NFL players on defense. OSU might only have one (Pryor) on their entire team.

No. 17 FSU at 10 Oklahoma 3:30 - ABC
Now we get to find out if Jimbo Fisher is worth all that money. The 'Nole Nation is hungry and Oklahoma is the last Buffalo in sight. Since Utah State hung over 300 passing yards on the Sooners in week 1 you can bet that Bob Stoops has been scrambling trying to repair his secondary.

FSU QB Christian Ponder may be the difference in the contest. The annual Buckeye self pity party begins Sunday. Look for #5 on FSU to give mustache boy fits too.

No. 22 Georgia at 24 South Carolina – Noon – ESPN2
You had to like seeing our D-coordinator chew some butt on the sideline last week. We need that BAD!

After watching our offense post the speed limit, and Grantham chew on 'em a bit I feel better. Still AJ would have forced USC to double him opening up the field for everyone else. His loss hurts, but we can still get this done, and CMR needs to get it in the win column. If not the heat will get more intense with the Razorbacks coming to visit in just seven days.

You can always tell how the public is feeling by reading the comments below Tony Barnhardt's column in the AJC. One in particular caught my eye. It said - “Georgia is the Wisconsin of the SEC”.

Now that makes me mad, but if we are the equivalent of the Badgers, then USouth Carolina is Michigan State. Take that Spurrier!

By the way I am watching Auburn at Miss State while banging this out, and Cam Newton has a cannon!

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  1. Now, I would really like to hear some apologies to the WhizKid. WhizKid does his homework before he makes assessments of the different teams. I would say, "Right on" when it comes to the GA defense, and "Right on" when it comes to ND having a tough time with Michigan. Feel free to ask me for some advise before next weeks predictions. I am posting this after the game of course, but after reading some of the blog above, I bet you wish you could have a do over. You might want to get you best porno mags back, Miss Wiley. You can start talking Ala-Boise St for a National Championship game, I say, up the middle, thur the hole, roll tide roll. I'm out.