Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random College Football Thoughts

Post by William

#1 I'm sick of Boise State already. You all know the debate. Don't want to get into all that. Here's my point....who are the 7 genius writers that changed their first place votes from Alabama to Boise? Really? REALLY? There's a reason the writers' poll doesn't factor in anymore. What in the world are these guys thinking?

#2 NCAA....anyway we can get a ruling on AJ this week? How hard can it be to make a decision? Either he sold the jersey or he didn't. If he's paid back the money, let him play. These schools at some point are going to have had enough and break off and form their own thing.

#3 I keep looking at this Saturday's schedule. Pretty good for the 2nd week of the season. Get your business done Friday so you can watch from Noon-11pm. Saturdays aren't for errand running. (You guys know who I'm talking about!!) You can click on College Sports on TV under Related Links and check each week. Also we'll have the link for Week 2 up soon.

#4 If your game isn't on a channel you can get, check Watched GA Tech and Bama Saturday.

#5 Anybody really care if the Heisman people take away Reggie Bush's Heisman? You think Reggie cares? The importance of the Heisman has dropped a long way from when I was younger.

#6 Congrats to Ga State on winning their first game ever Thursday night in the Dome. 30,000 fans. Heard it was rocking. Bill Curry....GOOD MAN.

It's Hump Day. One day closer to Saturday.


  1. Alabama would pound Boise State so far into the ground they would have to look up to see the "Smurf Turf."

  2. It is clear that somebody had a long weekend and could not stay up long enough to see the smackdown Boise (7 1st place votes) St put on VT. I can only imagine Beamer will be voting them #1 this week as well.

    Only one can hope AJ is "released" Man, after Saturdays showing, GA has a long season ahead of them. Do we hope everyone is released by the NCAA or just the ones who lied about being in Miami?

    Running errands Saturday is out of the question, wait, unless you have a job that prevents you from running them on the weekday.

    I can't wait for GA State to join the SEC, maybe they will bring a SEC title back to the state of GA.

    Just my random thoughts!!!

  3. Thanks for playing Whiz Kid.

    I did see Boise. Smackdown?

    Nicknames are cool...unless you give it to yourself. You didn't do that, did you?

  4. Playing? PLAYING? boys play, WhizKid stopped playing years ago. My momma gave me this name the day after I graduated 1st from high school, beat her out by 3 points. I like when people call me WhizKid and say I am right, again, as I am in my earlier post. Please don't take it personal, it is not your fault GA is lacking talent this year and that Boise ST is a 24 man wrecking crew. Play with you boys later! Till next time.

  5. Who is this and where are you so I can come kick your ass....

  6. Who is this kid Pace talking to? I know it's not the WhizKid. It is ok for someone to have nickname like "Pace" I guess. It is clear that the blog is in GA so it will be a long ride back with a whipped ass. This is not supposed to be taken personal unless you are really serious about Boise St not being a #3 team. Now, William, Mr. Blogger, please limit your posters to 15 yrs and older, we don't need little "Pace's" ruining your blog.

  7. Holy cow, this guy don't realize Pace will go wherever he is. Oh well, ND must be proud of his "alligence" sure wish GA could have more fans like him. Don't think anyone would survive his kind. Good luck WhizKid, whoever you are.

  8. The Only Adult In This ConversationThursday, September 09, 2010

    Can you say bitter? Boise should be given their shot at the BCS title. Just because they do not have a bunch of robbing, stealing, cheating thugs on the roster like UGA, USC ect. should not disqualify them.
    Give them their shot. If they get killed in the title game then we can put them in the category of over rated teams like Ohio State, Notre Dame ect.