Sunday, September 19, 2010

Notes from Athens:

Posted by Mike
    • TV contract or not, many of the fans are upset with three straight noon games. Most take it as a sign the program has dropped off to Vandy or Kentucky level. The heat at kickoff was oppressive.
    • The pregame crowd was noticeably smaller and the 2nd and 3rd stadium level never filled out and this was the 3rd game of a young season, at home against a ranked SEC opponent.
    • On Arkansas' game winning touchdown pass the Dawg defense was trying to get set while the Hog offense hurried to the line and snapped the ball. The confusion led to blown coverage.
    • Of course blown coverage was a theme for the day according to CTG. The defense allowed three big plays to wide open receivers. The new system works when the players do their jobs, but it has also given up big plays in every game this season including a blown coverage play in game one against Louisiana-Lafayette.
    • With AJ out Kris Durham was the go to guy against the Hogs. His five receptions for 101 yards and a TD kept the Dawgs in the contest, but without Green there is no real big play threat on the offense.
    • The D has plenty of hitters, but it too lacks a pic six threat. The Dawgs have 3 interceptions on the year with 42 return yards. By comparison Florida has 9 interceptions.
    • For some reason Ben Jones was not snapping the ball when Arkansas repeatedly entered the neutral zone. Either we are trying to determine where the blitz may be coming from, or since Murray is inexperienced we want the play to develop on his pace. Whatever the reason we gave up at least 25 yards of field position by not capitalizing.
    • Looking forward, what game is a certain win? Not Miss State. Not Colorado. In fact only Idaho State looks like an easy W.
    • As Tony Barnhart pointed out no team has ever gone 0-2 in the SEC, then played for the conference title and Georgia has not been pushed out of contention this early since the winding down of Coach Goff's stint.
    • With the fans growing restless CMR's future will depend on how he can get this team to respond. If the Dawgs go 6-6 the pressure will be unbearable. If he can manage 8-4 with a meaningful win against Auburn, Florida or Tech, then next year looks okay.
    • It sure is early in the season to be hanging our hopes on NEXT YEAR.


  1. Great comments! They are spot on. Something's got to give and something's got to change. Quick.

  2. UGA has to make a change or get left behind. We have to make a run at Smart or VanGorder at the end of this season. Your notes said it all when you pointed out UGA has not been knocked out of the title chase this early since end of Goff's time.

  3. When Furman puts more on the Gcocks than we do, it's a problem. A BIG one.

  4. Either we have a long term with CMR, or we change with the wind. Look at how well FSU did by sticking with Bowden for the long haul. Sure there are going to be down years and dificult periods but I prefer to hang with a quality person and give him enough time to work through problems.

  5. I like coach Richt. Hang with him.

  6. Same old Georgia. Top recruits, great facilities, tons of money, lackluster product.

  7. Urban Meyer "God's Gift To Football"Monday, September 20, 2010

    Please leave Dufus...I mean Coach Richt alone.

  8. Hey Urban... why don't you go retire...AGAIN!

  9. Aren't you dog fans crying like a little bitch.