Thursday, September 23, 2010

Holy Cow the Phillies can pitch

Post by William

I think after the last 3 games we can now say that the Phillies are definitely the best team in baseball, even without Jimmy Rollins. Hamels, Holladay and Oswalt were almost unhittable. Hanson threw a gem last night for the Braves but they just couldn't get a hit. Not to vent but... nice lollypop throw back into the infield to throw the runner out McLouth! Awful. Also, could you not fly out every time you get to bat? Thought we were done seeing the uppercut swing. How about a bunt? Idiot.

OK. No we're all in for the wildcard. 1/2 game up. Braves have 9 games left, 3 at DC, 3 home vs Marlins then 3 home vs Phillies to end the season. Hopefully the Rockis, Padres, and Giants will beat each other up and we can get in. We won't have to face Phillies in first round. Just get into the tournament.

I'll put up wildcard race on left side for the duration.


  1. Wow. You're an angry old man.

  2. These guys are no different than Braves of old. I quit watching because I got tired of seeing pitchers come in walk the first guys they face and then have it cost a winning run. Well, I took look at this series and they did it again every night. The Braves Suck!!!