Friday, September 24, 2010

Is the first month of college football really almost over?

The month closes out with a bang in the SEC:
Posted by Mike

Alabama at Arkansas – 3:30 - CBS
Of course the biggest game of the season, so far, is the 3:30 appointment Saban has with Mr. Mallett in hillbilly land.

Unfortunately for Ryan Mallett he is about to play the part of Ned Beatty in Deliverance. Saban will be yelling “squeal like a pig boy!”

The rap on Mallett has been he can not throw to his left. Of course Saban will try to force that action, but with 15 seconds to play in Athens last week, the Hog QB threw left and won the game.

South Carolina at Auburn – 7:45 – ESPN
Auburn played a very physical game last week against Clemson. Meanwhile, Carolina played Furman.

This is Spurrier's year, but Chizik has Auburn on the right path and playing at home in front of a rowdy crowd could be enough advantage for the Tigers to spoil the season for the Chickens.

Kentucky at Florida – 7:00 PM – ESPN U
Is there any way the Wild Cats could go into the Swamp and embarrass Urban? I hope so. Of course I would pull for The Peoples Republic of China against the Lizards.

Georgia at Mississippi State – 7:00 PM – FOX SPORTS
The battle of the bad. I can already hear those darn Cow Bells. “Gotta have more Cow Bell!”

If UGA comes home 0-3 in the SEC Finebaum, Bill King, Mark Bradley and even Tony B, will be all over CMR. Don't know about you, but I'm already worn about by the debate. CMR is not going anywhere unless he resigns. He has earned the chance for one really rotten season. The big problem as I see it is, Spurrier and Urban are loaded for the future too.

In August Tony B said it will be a bad season if UGA goes 0-2 in the SEC to start the season. Boy did he have good vision!

Just win baby and this will all go away.


  1. What's worse about the opening comment: the image itself, or laughing out loud at it?

    We are NOT going to lose to Missy State.

  2. Your point is made in a very crude way, but it is Saban that is going to squeal!