Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top high school players in Georgia:

Posted by Mike

Why don't we talk about recruiting. Check out the Scout Top 100 here: TOP HS PLAYERS IN GEORGIA

Carver Columbus must be absolutely awesome. The Tigers have the 2nd ranked running back in the country Isaiah Crowell (6'1” - 210 – 4.43) and the 7th ranked defensive tackle Gabe Wright (6'4” - 300 – 4.98). The team is ranked 1st in GHSA AA with a 4-0 record and has outscored opponents 142-3.

Valdosta High is also pretty well represented in the rankings with the nation's top rated tight end Jay Rome (6'6” - 240 – 4.68) and the 13th ranked corner back Malcolm Mitchell (6' – 190 – 4.4).

Also check out the list of interested schools next to Ray Drew's (Thomas County Central) name. He is ranked as the 8th best defensive end in the country which I find hard to believe. He had 13 scholarship offers when he was a sophomore in high school. I talked with one coach who faced him last season who described as a “COMPLETE BEAST”.

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  1. Drew may be the best player in the country.