Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Stock Up/Stock Down

Post by William

Stock Up

#1 Alabama- I know it was Duke but they played like a perfect football team Saturday. They've got a challenge coming up this Saturday afternoon. At Fayetteville.

#2 Falcons- nice comeback after a poor showing in Week 1 at the Steelers. They've got a challenge coming up Sunday. At New Orleans.

#3 Ga Tech- really good job by Coach Johnson getting his guys to play after a bad loss at Kansas.

#4 Vandy- how bout Vandy winning a road conference game?

#5 Braves at Phillies- huge series starting tonight. Braves 3 games back of the Phillies.

#6 Michigan State- Fake Field Goal in OT to beat Notre Dame. Gutsy.

Stock Down

#1 2 and 3- Stacy Searels- I thought the UGA offensive line was supposed to be the best unit on the team. Totally unimpressive through the first 3 games. If he doesn't get it fixed this week, season could be disasterous.

#4 Washaun Ealey- Make the block on 3rd and 4 and we make the first down and win the game. Also quit flexing after a 6 yard run in the first half.

#5 Houston Nutt-/Jeremiah Masoli- play with fire, you get burned. Lost to Vandy at home.

#6 Brett Favre- Drama Queen looks old.


  1. Mich St call was great, and yes UGA o line is very over rated. Tech will punish that soft d too.