Friday, September 24, 2010

Guest Picks with Comments

Post by William

Thought I'd show you Shelley and Paul's picks with comments. There is some thought behind these. That's what we're looking or!!!

NC STATE to cover.  Ga Tech lost to Kansas for Pete's sake.  Given that these are two of the best teams in the ACC, it should be ugly, but we'll take the Wolf Pack and the points.

GEORGIA!  There's a lot of things that won't happen this season (like winning the SEC), but let's not give up yet.  UGa by a touchdown.

I hate to say it, but Oklahoma may hang half a hundred on the Bearcats.  The Sooners have something to prove after beating Air Force by 3 and the Bearcats are the perfect answer to that.  OKLAHOMA.

ALABAMA.  Let's face it, Georgia could've won last week, that being the case, I think the Razorback's record is a bit overrated. 

UK to cover.  The head coach's name is Joker.  'Nuff said.

AUBURN, but we feel shaky on this one.  Home field gets them the win.  If Garcia gets some kine bud before the game, Auburn by 2 TDs.

LSU's going to have a down year, but not this far down.  West-by God-Virginia is coming to the end of the Bill Stewart feel good story. 

Boise State beat VaTech by 3.  OREGON STATE will cover in this.

ATLANTA beats New Orleans reeling from the loss of Reggie Bush.

The Bengals can't score a touchdown, but they've got a great place kicker.  And Jimmy Clausen is a tool.  BENGALS cover.



  1. Arkansas is gona win.

  2. Ark over rated? Boy you have turd for brains.

  3. Nice picks. I even like the UK over Fla.