Thursday, September 9, 2010

William's Picks for the Week

Post by William

Here are my picks for the week. We're having a guest picker each week to go against me. This week it's my brother in law. Really don't think that's him in the picture but that's what he sent.

Feel free to send in your picks as well.

My picks are in White, Home teams in CAPS:

Ga. Tech minus 14 vs KANSAS

SOUTH CAROLINA minus 3.5 vs Georgia

OKLAHOMA minus 7.5 vs Florida State

NOTRE DAME minus 4 vs Michigan

OHIO STATE minus 9 vs Miami

Oregon minus 12 vs TENNESSEE

ALABAMA minus 12 vs Penn State

Atlanta minus 2.5 vs PITTSBURGH

Dallas minus 3.5 vs WASHINGTON

NY JETS minus 2.5 vs Baltimore


Total Score

North Texas/Rice- 60


  1. Where do we go from here? These picks will send someone straight to the poor house without passing go. It is only common sense not to pick with your heart, but obviously someone didn't get that message. I think I am going to start booking if this guy promises to use me. They call thems "Cocks" for a reason and they will show you that reason by 1:30 Saturday. Stick with the easy ones like Boise ST and USC (Trojans the is). I might add, what a beautiful write up on the "Good Eats" who would waste their Saturday cooking, when you could be watching football with a chilled glass of wine? Till next post, WhizKid checking out :)

  2. WhizKid... why don't you grow some balls and be our guest picker?

  3. This Cameron chump sure looks a lot like Tom Brady. His picks suck too.

  4. Whiz Kid(hilarious)- it's obvious you're a genius. Send in your picks and be a Topper.

  5. Hey Hey Hey, don't be a hater, WhizKid simply picks just the opposite of the main blogger man. It is that freaking simple. Mike? why you got to jump in on me, I ain't done nothing to you, so why don't be a "guest" for an ass whipping. Topper, you can top this. Till next time my brothers.