Saturday, September 25, 2010

Boys of Fall

Post by William

I'll keep this as quick as I can to get my point across..

I had DVRd BOYS OF FALL a while back. A friend said it was really good. Hadn't gotten to it yet. I was watching the Braves last night and he had a Hall Pass for the night. He wanted to watch it. We did.

If you haven't seen this, run thru glass to see it. Watch it every Monday morning. I was told by friends a few years back that "I had no heart" b/c I didn't like Tebow. (I could fill up the Internet why I don't like Tebow. #1. HE PLAYED FOR FLORIDA). I  would never call anybody heartless but if Coach Bill Curry doesn't get you...

Watch this show. On ESPN. Show it to your kids. I can't find when it's coming on again. Ya'll are smart. You can find it.


  1. Boys of Fall? or Boys that Fall? Are you referring to the start of football season or the boys that fall, the Atlanta Braves? Looks like they will fall out of the race. They are playing the Nationals, Marlins and Phillies, I haven't actually done my homework, but I would bet they have a losing record to all 3 all year. Oh well, lets root for Buster. Btw, now you now.

  2. Are you still drunk or did they not teach grammar/spelling at Riverview?

  3. perfect grammar and spelling, just a few questions within the sentence. That way you can answer as you go.