Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time to make a list?

Posted by Mike

First off, I am not advocating for any change at any university in the SEC and within the states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky or South Carolina.

However, if I were a newly hired AD with no recent DUI offenses or embarrassing panty stories, I might make a list of the best college football coaches in the land, just in case.

My list would look like this:

Chris Peterson – Head Coach – Boise State – Has reportedly turned down numerous offers to move.

Kirby Smart – Defensive Coordinator – Alabama – Rumored to turn down a DC post at UGA unless the conditioning coach was replaced, and used a job offer at UGA as leverage with Alabama.

Will Muschamp – Defensive Coordinator – Texas – Turned down Tennessee and pushed for Derek Dooley to get the job. Has been named Head Coach in waiting at Texas. Whatever that means.

Gary Patterson – Head Coach – TCU – Not a great option at 54 years of age.

Dan Mullen – Head Coach – Mississippi State – Young, smart apprentice of Urban Meyer.

Brian VanGorder – Defensive Coordinator – Atlanta Falcons – He wants to be in the NFL and may be on a path to a head coaching slot in the senior league.

If money was no option my pick would be Peterson. Say what you will about Boise State's schedule, this guy has been a major reason that program is now on the map. Just imagine what he could do with a stable full of athletes.

Of course there is more to consider than who to hire. Any good AD would also consider who else might also be in the market for a new coach.

Programs likely to be shopping:

Penn State – Joe Pa is old and in his farewell tour. You know they are going to be shopping soon.

LSU – Les Miles – He may survive another disappointing season, but if they make a move in Baton Rouge next year, you'll have to bid against them in the free market.

Ole' Miss – Houston Nutt – Talk about a disaster! All this guy did was recruit Darren McFadden and chase skirts. Then he was anointed a genius. His days are numbered. Ole' Miss won't pay nearly what a top tier program might, but it is a simple supply and demand issue. If there are five D 1 programs looking for coaches, then demand is high.


  1. I'd be so over my skis if they offered me that job. SEC is too tough for me. No thank you. I'll stay out here in Boise.

  2. Chris Peterson is not coming to SE. Kirby Smart would be a disaster and in over his head without Saban. Van Gorder got fired at GSU, he is not a head coach. Muschamp would be great but he aint coming and I dont blame him. No way in hell do we take a coach from MSU. It would have to be a NFL guy - - Jack Del Rio is my bet.

  3. Mark Richt will be the coach after he finishes 10-3 and beats my friend Urban Meyer. I can't do better than that so I'll stay up here.

  4. I knew y'all would miss me.

  5. the AD has to also consider what it would cost to buy everyone ought. Richt would cost at least 6 million and i know grantham did not come with a 1 year deal. Boosters aren't exactly flush with cash these days as Atlanta fortunes are going down the drain. State is in a financial pinch and there is no well in hell Regents are going to let go of cash right now. FOrget a new coach, it aint happening.

  6. Again...not advocating for a new coach. Just making a list to keep in the AD's top drawer.

  7. Don't try to back out of your blog now, you started it, now stay in there and defend the reason you want Richt out of there. How about keep everybody out of jail so they can practice. I realize he works hard to recruit the little thugs to play at UGA, but damn, kick them off the team if they screw up, set a damn example coach!!!! Sorry about the picks last week, will make up for them this week.

  8. Right now, I have faith that UGA will win against Colorado and Idaho. Other than that, I have absolutely no confidence. Right now, we could easily lose to TN, FL, KY, AU, GT. Heck, I wouldn't doubt if we lost to Vandy.
    Has anyone compared Richt's last 5 seasons (including this one) to Donnan's? Donnan's record is better. Has anyone else noticed that we are 2-6 out of the last 8 SEC games?
    This program has regressed. Piss poor tackling and play calling has to end. Who is responsible for this??? Richt..... He is always finishing in some of the top recruiting classes, year in, year out. So, he has the players he wants and needs. He has hired and fired the coaches he wants. So, he has the coaches he wants. So, who is to blame for this lack luster performance??? How can you have top notch players who bust their ass in the off season, mat drills, conditioning, fall practices, scrimmages, but yet aren't even fired up to play a SEC game against a Spurrier coached SC team or a 12th ranked team in the country? It starts at the top...Richt
    Personally, I don't believe he wants this job nearly as bad anymore. I think he has lost the fire. Nothing wrong with that. If he would rather spend more time being a husband and father, no problem. I respect that, just do the right thing and resign.
    Muschamp would be in Athens tomorrow. Head coach in waiting at Texas.... So what, that could be forever...Just ask Jimbo Fisher. Mack isn't going anywhere anytime soon. They extended his contract last year. FYI Muschamp and Kirby are best friends... What other possible jobs would be attractive to Kirby? NONE.

  9. Hey Anonymous, you think I can have you tickets in the box for the rest of the season. Sounds like you do not want any part of them.

  10. Will Muschamp if we can get him. Don't know how big that "IF" is. UGa could pay top dollar, and has everything else Muschamp could be looking for. Plus, he's an alum, right?