Monday, November 18, 2013

A few observations.

Post by Mike
  • -          On a positive note, Georgia is young and talented. Sure we lose Murray, but everyone else on both sides of the ball returns. Remember what happened to Tennessee the year after Peyton went to the big leagues?
  • -          Not sure if the coaching staff has thought about this, but it might be time for some situational coaching. For example maybe our receivers should hear – “If the clock is below 10 seconds and you are not going to be able to score, don’t catch the ball. Bat it to the ground.” Maybe our defensive backs should hear – “On fourth down… in game critical situations… don’t try to intercept the ball. Bat it to the ground.” They should hear this all year long, and during critical timeouts.
  • -     UGA's talent evaluation could be improved too. We wanted Cam to be a tight end? Marshall a cornerback? If that was our way of telling Cam, “We aren’t into paying players” I’m fine with it, but if that was a true evaluation…. Houston we have a problem.
  • -          The Iron Bowl will be very interesting!
  • -          Alabama still has to beat Auburn and the SEC East Champion for a shot at a third straight title. Meanwhile, back at the Bat Cave… Ohio State has to top mighty Indiana, Michigan and most likely Michigan State to stay in the hunt. Come on Sparty! Please save the fans of college football the torture of watching “Soft on Crime” getting humiliated by FSU in the BCS. I would much prefer a Rose Bowl beat down by Oregon to put the Buckeyes back in their place.
  • -          Of course the ‘Noles still have to play Idaho, Florida and either Duke or Tech in the ACC Championship. Excuse me… I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. While that Florida game and the District Attorney are challenges, FSU should make it to the title game.

  •         Bama fans are their own worst enemy. Twitter lit up with critical comments after the Tide beat Mississippi State 20-0. Hey guys… you’re undefeated and in the hunt for a third straight title! And Texas… who has more money than you… is gona be in the market for a new coach… Y’all had better Zip It!

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