Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday observations:

Post by Mike

A few observations:

Nothing went as planned. A failed two point conversion kept Ohio State alive while a failed field goal killed the Tide.

Saban was outcoached by a “high school” guy, Tech became passing efficient, Florida stunk out loud… again, and a football game between Duke and Carolina Northern was significant. The apocalypse can’t be far away.

To make things even more interesting, consider the possibilities of the BCS matchups.

BCS Standings as of 12/2/2013
1 – FSU                                 ACC Championship vs. Duke
2 – Ohio State                    Big-10 Championship vs. Michigan State
3 – Auburn                          SEC Championship vs. Missouri
4 – Alabama                       Sitting in Tuscaloosa.
5 – Missouri                        SEC Championship vs. Auburn
6 – Oklahoma St.              host Oklahoma.

The easy part and most certain of the equation is this – if FSU beats Duke, they play for the title. Other than that, we will have to wait and let “the process” play out. (By the way… is teaching your field goal unit how to cover kicks a part of “the process”?)

If Michigan State can beat Ohio State – very possible – then the door is back open to the SEC. Auburn could slide into the title game on tipped passes and greedy dumb play calls, but they will have to beat Mizzou to get there.  A Buckeye loss and Mizzou win and guess who could be invited to dinner? That’s right – Bama. 

Think that would burn up the Auburn faithful?

Want some real craziness? What if FSU (highly unlikely) and Ohio State lose, and Auburn wins in Atlanta – can you say rematch?

The highlights of last weekend’s crazy ending were on the Today show this morning. The Today show…

How much hype would there be if we got an Iron Bowl re-match?

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