Monday, July 15, 2013

Living by the long ball!

Post by Mike
The Braves won 54 games in the first half and built a 6 game lead over the Nationals by leading the NL with 114 homers, and posting the second lowest ERA in the league.

And up until the last three games of the first half, the starting lineup had avoided the injury bug. Then like a bad bout of diarrhea virus running through your home, school and work, the bug landed with a vengeance!

The second half and our World Series aspirations will turn on the following questions:

1 - Can JUpton and Heyward get healthy soon?
2 - How bad is Freddie Freeman's injured thumb?
3 - Can Uggla (116 k) and BJUpton (102 k) learn to hit with runners on, or least make contact, put the ball in play and put some pressure on the defense to make throws, or will they continue to be counted as easy outs in the lineup.
4 - The team is obviously planning on making some adjustments to the starting rotation. Wood has been sent to the minors to stretch out his arm for a starting spot, and Beachy could return in August. Is there a trade brewing for Huddy, Medlen, or Malhom? Is Medlen headed back to long relief?

This team could explode in the second half if we get our guys healthy and hitting. Our schedule is advantageous and there is a lot of talent on our bench.

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