Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I think we already have this... it is called the NFL.

Post by Mike

I think we already have this. It is called the NFL.

In my opinion this is the wrong direction. Instead of trying to move towards a more exclusive D4, the NCAA should be heading in the opposite direction and implementing the following:

1 - A standardized testing procedure for all NCAA participants. Remember these are student-athletes.
2 - A national drug testing and enforcement procedure so the playing field is leveled.
3 - Instant death penalty for any school violating these rules.
4 - Simplified recruiting rules.

If the big conferences break away and form D4, it will make the division a true minor league system ripe for more Isaha Crowells, Arron Hernandezs, Maurice Claretts... and the list could go on.

Bigs want to form D4

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