Sunday, February 10, 2013

Finally! It's here....

Post by Mike

Pitchers and catchers report Monday, and we'll begin the process of building a roster.

The rotation and most positions are pretty much settled baring something unforeseen. The few questions are:

1 - Who opens the season behind the plate while McCann rehabs? I am betting Bethancourt or possibly Gattis. Laird was signed to be a backup and those younger guys need to play everyday.

2 - What will the bench look like, and who will be able to give Freeman a day off? One glance at the depth chart shows we have plenty of options at every position with the single exception of first base.

Braves current depth chart.

I'm guessing if FF needs a day off Francisco or Reed Johnson could fill in. Ernesto Mejia is on the 40, but he is too much of a talent not play everyday. He did lite up the winter leagues, but it is doubtful we can carry two first basemen.

3 - Who makes the opening roster - Schafer or Constanza? Personally, I'm pulling for Georgie.

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