Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The game of musical chairs has begun.

Post by Mike
The game of musical chairs has begun. Of course it began earlier than usual with Laney Boy getting the boot at USC, but this season could see major shifts. Think about this:

USC – Open – no way they hire Orgeron. It will likely be Sumlin or Gruden.

Texas A&M – Obliviously if Sumlin bolts for the coast this spot will open. This might be Mike Leach’s entrance into the SEC. He has coached in Texas and Sumlin is from his coaching tree.

Texas – The Horns have to play an 8-1 Oklahoma State, a Texas Tech team that has lost 3 in a row, and Baylor. OkSU and Baylor could beat Texas, and Mack Brown would be done. If he loses only one of those, and in a close contest, he will survive. However, Baylor may blow the doors off that soft defense and another embarrassing loss may be too much for the money men in Austin.

The question is who fills this spot?

If Gruden doesn't wind up at USC, it could be him. Saban says he ain’t leaving Bama… period. We’ll see. He said the same thing about the Dolphins. This brings to mind another college coach that recently made the jump to the bigs. The way things are going with the Philadelphia Eagles, maybe Chip Kelly could be lured back to junior circuit.

At one time I thought it might be Kirby, but he appears to be waiting for the helm at Bama, which might only be a few years away.

Oklahoma – How long has it been since these guys have been relevant to anyone outside the Sooner State?  Stoops has to be on the hot seat after losses to Texas and Baylor with Oklahoma State still in front of him.
This job ain’t what it once was and is in fact the 2nd best football coaching job in the state thanks to the deep pockets of T. Boone who breathed life into Oklahoma State. “I’m a man! I’m 40!”

Nebraska - Bo Pelini is likely done. Honestly I can’t believe the Huskers haven’t pulled the trigger on this one yet. The fact that they haven’t shows just how hard it is find a solid head coach.

Florida – Boom will get one more year. He needs to keep it close versus FSU. Another loss to Georgia in 2014 and he’s done.

Mississippi State – who cares? That is the biggest dead end job in football.

Maryland – do they still play football? Or is the entire team on scholarship for fashion design?

And after last night, let's add one name to the list:

Georgia Tech - Johnson's offense might have worked when he had Chan Gailey's players, but it obviously isn't attracting top tier talent. It is hard to believe the Jackets have actual won 6 games. Think about that! The ACC is top heavy!

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