Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 3 Picks

Post by William

3-6 Last week. Won the big one. 8-9 for the year.

Here are the picks. Picks are in ALL CAPS

LOUISVILLE minus 14 vs Kentucky(Home)

GEORGIA TECH minus 8.5 vs Duke(Home)

ALABAMA minus 7.5 vs Johnny(Home)     Saban is pissed off at about 3 different things. This won't end well for Johnny

OREGON(Home) minus 27.5 vs Tennessee     Will Oregon hit 60?

South Carolina(Home)  minus 14 vs VANDY    Spurrier's got a mess up there.

AUBURN(Home) minus 5.5 vs Miss St

Texas(Home) minus 3 vs OLE MISS      Mack Brown is done

Nebraska(Home) minus 4 vs UCLA

ATLANTA(Home) minus 6.5 vs St Louis

PEYTON minus 4.5 vs Eli(Home)

SEATTLE(Home) minus 3 vs San Fran

I'll do better about posting. Been busy.

Have a great weekend

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