Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday observations

Post by Mike

Monday observations:

- The injury to Murray is typical of this entire season. While we aren't mired in the depths of hell with Florida, we are having some very bad luck. Fumbles on the goal line against Mizzou. Special team brain farts. The Auburn game. It’s just one of those years when Lady Luck gets to kick your butt even when you are down.

There is, however, in all this pile of poop, a bright spot.

Hutson Mason will not take his first big game action snap under the lights at Sanford Stadium on August 30, 2014 against Clemson. Instead he’ll enter next season with one half of the Kentucky game, the Georgia Tech game, fifteen bowl practices and the bowl game under his belt. Can anyone say “Silver Lining”?

Sorry about that knee Murray, but this may be the turning point for ole’ Lady Luck.

 - The Buckeye and Auburn lobbyist are out in full force on Facebook and Twitter.

Which one is more deserving of a shot at the BCS... yada yada. I’m certain Satan the Elf’s (STE henceforth) head is about to explode over that discussion.

 - For a brief moment I feel kind of bad for Boom. He is, after all, a Georgia alumnus. That loss to Georgia Southern was another reminder of just how much of a mess “Soft on Crime” (SOC henceforth) left behind when he quit, didn’t, then quit again because his tummy hurt. I guess his tummy doesn’t hurt when he gets to play Indiana and Illinois.

Please give Boom one more year Florida! We kind of like him being in Gainesville.

So at the moment we have four teams that could play in Atlanta for the SEC/National Title. Auburn or Alabama out of the West, Mizzou or Carolina out of the East. Personally I would prefer to see Spurrier vs.  STE. Bama would likely win, but the chess match would be epic.

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