Sunday, September 15, 2013

Guess what just became the best game of week 4.

Post by Mike

No it isn't the upcoming 3:30 match up between Tennessee and the Lizards although this one should tell us something about the Eastern challengers.

The real intrigue this week will be in Baton Rogue when Auburn takes a former light fingered Bulldog corner back into that mad house to play QB in Guss' freakshow offense against another former Bulldog that also had issues with where he put his hands.

LSU starting QB Zach Mettenberger was asked to leave UGA after he lied to CMR about grabbing a girl's booty while partying in Valdosta.

Second Chance U moved Nick Marshall to QB after he was asked to leave UGA for thinking his teammates property was communal. Damned socialist! On Saturday he toppled mighty Mississippi State with a late game winning drive after only five weeks of practice in the new system. Can anyone say Heisman?

Just kidding, but the Auburn faithful are busy wetting themselves and see visions of Cam II dancing in their heads.

They could, however, do us a solid this Saturday and play LSU hard. Play them to triple over time. Hit them hard and wear them down. I'll even throw in a War Damn Eagle for ya!

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