Sunday, September 15, 2013

Longhorns have made one bad move after another.

Post by Mike

 Texas is on a bigger losing streak than you think
Off the field the Longhorns have:

  • -          Missed out on RGIII
  • -          Missed out on Johnny Football
  • -          Missed out on Jameis Winston
  • -          Singled handedly blown up the Big-12 with the Longhorn Network. Remember that greedy grab forced A&M, Mizzou, Nebraska, and Colorado to leave the conference.

Then there are the on field issues:

  • -          A loss to BYU after allowing 550 rushing yards to the Cougars.
  • -          An embarrassing 44-23 home loss to Ole Miss. Of course only 10,000,000 Longhorn Network Subscribers has access, and maybe 2,000,000 actually watched the game.

How much longer will this go? Last season I thought the Texas faithful would politely ask Mack to resign. Now I think they may storm the athletic facility and drag him out.

Fire Mack Brown web sites are popping up, including this one:

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