Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Will they have the rag tag mojo?

Post by Mike

Spring training always brings that feeling. You know the belief that in October we could relive the rush we had in 1991, 1992....insert almost any year of the decade.

But can it really be done with this team. An analysis of the roster tells me yes... maybe.

First let's look at the starting rotation:

Hudson - Hanson - Jurjens - Beachy and (Medlen, Teheran or Delgado).

At first look, that is impressive. Only when you consider that the top three names of the rotation are coming off surgery, do you begin to have doubts.

Huddy will miss the first month of the season (at least) because he had two disc in his back fused together. Apparently the surgeon went through his abdomen to do the procedure. Now I'm no brain scientist, but that doesn't sound like he's gonna be firing heaters with authority in June.

Hanson had his shoulder cut on, and according to Dr. Andrews in Birmingham, the shoulder is the least predictable area when forecasting recovery. Plus Big Red blew a tire and got a concussion on his way to the first Spring workout. Bad Karma!

Jurjens had his knee surgery before the 2011 season was over and he is in his final year of a contract, so maybe he will come out strong. We'll see, but my point is, between our top three, we might only count on having the equivalent of two full timers. Huddy and Hanson may split time to fill one spot.

That means the Medlen/Teheran/Delgado trio will have to pick up the slack, and provide mid inning relief.

Then scan the infield. Freeman - young kid with a good bat. Uggla - surely he won't come out in a coma again. Pastornicky - word is he will be a defensive genius,... at the plate... not so much. Chipper - damn he's old and brittle.

The outfield? Heyward - was he hype or the real thing? Bourn - solid in the field, on the path and at the plate. Constanza - Stand up... I can't see you. Prado - might spend more time at third than left, and needs to regain his 2010 form. Diaz/Hinske - the bench has definitely improved .... no Conrad!

It is not an overpowering star studded roster like the Marlins have, so maybe the rag tag mojo will come back. After all who really thought Francisco Cabrera would do anything important in 1992?


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