Wednesday, February 8, 2012

1st CBball Lock of the Year!!!

Post by William

OK. Now that football is over, (until Draft season), now it's time to turn to CBball. Wouldn't it be nice if one of the state schools was decent? GT is awful and they beat UGA. Kinda makes the season uninspiring. It seems to me that if those 2 schools could just get the best players inside I-285, they would be in the top half of their leagues.

I won't be picking many CBball games this year but this is one of the biggest up to now. OH, and it's a layup.

NORTH CAROLINA(Home) minus 6 vs Duke        UNC will dominate the Blue Devils inside and cover 6 points EASILY.


  1. Ooopppssss.

    You have been watching this rivalry for 30+ years. How often does one of these teams dominate the other?

  2. Who knew Roy Williams would forget how to coach the kast 5 minutes of a game?