Friday, February 10, 2012

A quick analysis - BRAVES NEED OFFENSE - to erase the 2011 sting.

Post by Mike
With pitcher's reporting  next week it is time for us to shake off the collapse of 2011. So let's examine what happened and what needs to be done to avoid another disaster.

First take a look at the 2011 offensive stats: 2011 NL Offensive Stats

Notice that the Braves finished 13th in the NL. Several factors contributed to that. Jason Heyward's sophomore slump, Dan Uggla's horrid first half, and let's not forget Michael Bourne didn't get to Atlanta until the second half of the season.

If Atlanta is going to challenge in 2012, the offense has to improve and must start putting some teams away in the first six innings. Remember that Venters and Kimbrel where so over used last season, that both had empty tanks down the stretch.

Even though the arms faltered in September, the overall stats were still great: 2011 NL Pitching Stats

The team finished 4th in ERA and tied for 2nd with 52 saves.

The defense was pretty good too: 2011 NL Fielding Stats The Braves finished 2nd in the league here.

So we have a top tier pitching and fielding team. All we need now, is some offense.


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  2. Scooter from BamaFriday, February 10, 2012

    Who let in the Commie?? Good grief. Can't we enjoy sports w/o the lefty slant?