Saturday, February 11, 2012

Here comes the Saturday Lovefest

Post by William

It's Celebrity Saturday at Pebble Beach. That means Bill Murray, George Lopez, Bill Bellichick and Nick Saban. It also means Tony Romo who's playing with Tiger. So be prepared to not see much golf(except for TW of course) and be prepared for Jim Nantz to swoon over Tiger like a teenage girl. The blimp shots of Pebble are worth staying with it, though. Just turn down the volume while you're watching a CBball game on the other TV.

FYI, in case you didn't see it (trust me, you didn't), Phil beat Tiger by 3 shots on the same course yesterday. You won't see that on the ESPN crawl.

On another subject of "Did he really say that?", Jordan Jefferson shows why he's not the brightest bulb in the store.

Here's a really good recipe for a cold Saturday/Sunday afternoon of sports watching. I substitute Chili Sauce for the ketchup and Italian Seasoning for the other herbs. The key is sopping up the sauce with the bread. Have a roll of paper towels at the ready. Good stuff.

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