Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Count down to Bracket time.

Post by Mike
With the final week of regular season NCAA basketball in progress, Bracket time is right around the corner.

First there is some unsettled business between UNC and Duke. Dick Vitale calls this the greatest college rivalry in sports. He rates it higher than Alabama vs. Auburn and Ohio State vs. Michigan.

Those are high targets, and while I'm not quite convinced it is bigger than the booger eater's rivalry to our immediate West, it is very entertaining.

Duke takes on Wake tonight while UNC host Maryland Wednesday. Then on Saturday UNC travels 30 miles to Cameron Indoor, one of the wildest venues in sports. If you have time Saturday night, be sure to watch 7 PM on ESPN.

After that we got conference tournament play, then the big dance.

My early predictions for 1 seeds are: Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky, and Duke.

My early predictions for this year's Cinderella are: Murray State, San Diego State and Wichita State.

I am also betting the selection committee sets up the brackets so Murray State would get to play Kentucky. Hey they aren't stupid and the in state match up would generate a lot of buzz.

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