Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I know what you're thinking but you're wrong!!!

Post by William

More proof that the NFL is "All Powerful"

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced yesterday that the NFL Opening Night will be moved from the traditional Thursday Night to Wednesday night so the game will not conflict with Obama's speech at the DNC. This is all the more proof that the NFL is the most powerful organization that exists.

I know what some of you will say.... "The NFL is moving to Wednesday so they won't lose in the ratings to Obama's speech". Quite the opposite. The NFL would destroy the speech in the ratings and they don't want to embarass Obama. The NFL doesn't want to fight the government in any way.

So, since I always look out for my friends, here are some viewing options for Thursday September 6th in the time slot you would normally be watching the NFL game.

#1    Not sure who the teams are but there will be NCAA College Football on ESPN at 8pm.

#2    Repeat of Braves/Rockies in Atlanta on FSN or Sportsouth. Getaway day, 1st pitch 12:10. Play Mets in NYC the next night.

#3    Repeat of 1st round of BMW Championship on the Golf Channel. This is the last playoff event before the Tour Championship at East Lake.

#4   Repeats of M*A*S*H on TV Land

#5   Anything on the Food Channel

#6   Anything On Demand

#7   Anything from Blockbuster

Just doing this as a public service for my friends.

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