Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a disaster!!

Post by William

Just a few thoughts for a dreary Tuesday....

#1  What a disaster in the Georgia Dome Saturday night. It took me until yesterday to wrap my brain around it. I just knew the Falcons were going to win that game. EVERYBODY was picking the Packers so I knew the Falcons were going to win. They ran into a buzzsaw. Aaron Rodgers IS as good as they were all saying last week. VanGorder tried everything he could to slow him down and nothing worked.

The Packers defense completely shut down the Falcons offense. Clay Matthews is a beast rushing the passer.

I think reality may have set in at Flowery Branch. I thought the Falcons had gotten their "deer in the headlights" game out of the way against the Saints on MNF. They looked like they were in a little over their heads Saturday night. Falcons are solid, not great. There are a few needs.... a badass pass rusher, a speed playmaker on offense for Matt Ryan to get  the ball to, and 2 more cornerbacks.

It was a great season with an awful ending. Much better than what we were used to seeing before this new regime came to town.  They'll get it fixed. Dimitroff and Coach Smith are smart guys.

#2  Big bball game in Athens tonight as the Vols come to town (7pm on ESPNU). The Dogs had a nice bounceback win on Saturday against Ole Miss. Mark Fox is a keeper as a coach.

#3  Nice win for the Jackets on Sunday night against UNC. It still doesn't solve the problems at Tech. There was lots of Carolina Blue in Alexander Coliseum Sunday night. The enthusiasm level has gone way down.

#4  Hawks vs Heat in Miami tonight (7:30 on SportSouth). The Heat could be without Wade, Bosh, and Lebron. All are injured.

UPDATE!!! (2:15 pm) Wade in, Bosh out, LeBron game time decision

#5  Who besides me is sick of the Jets/Rex Ryan? They actually had me pulling for the Patriots Sunday and that takes alot.

Let us know what you think.

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  1. Hey guys- Somehow I hadnt been over in a while and I thought I'd check in. Look for more links from me soon. I redid the way I check blogs and some folks slipped through the cracks there. Sorry bout that. As for your #5 item. I now officially hate the Jets. I really hate New York/ Northeast media/ the 4-letter network. Those people fall all over themselves whenever a team from their city/ region is good and it's sickening. Somebody really needs to start an everywhere but the Northeast sports network, kind of RFD-tv but for sports.

    I am with you on #1 too. Everybody was picking the Packers and it was gonna be so awesome when they just had to take it and watch the Falcons win...oops. I think I'm kind of becoming like Randy Quaid in Major League II. Remember how after a while he just started to hate the Indians because they would always get his hopes up? That's kind of like my Falcon fan-dom now. Not the Braves, I'll always be a sucker for the Braves but darn them Falcons. That said, Blank is a great owner, Dimitroff is a great GM, and Smith a good coach. They'll figure it out.