Monday, January 3, 2011

A few notes from Bowl Season... so far...

 Posted by Mike
- Derek Dooley is one unlucky son of a gun. UT had the football, a three point lead and only 1:30 to kill off the clock. Then the Big-10 officials got involved. What a mess that was.With 90 seconds to play Bob Davie was talking about a Volunteer program on the rise... then the Goudy struck!

Big-10 zebras also blew a huge call against Kansas State in the Pin Stripe Bowl. The excessive celebration rule has to be more clearly defined and made less subjective.

- After the Liberty Bowl one coach should be squarely on the hot seat, maybe even given a public warning by his athletic director. Let's face it, if George O'Leary's team can not beat Georgia by more than four points, it may be time for the Knights to find a new guy.

- The Rose Bowl was an awesome game and my opinion of TCU has changed dramatically. While Wisconsin opened huge holes for big bruising backs, the Horned Frogs found a way to spread the field and played key defense at just the right time.

I do not understand why Wisconsin would try to pass for a two point conversion when they where ripping off five yards a dash on their final drive.

- The upper echelon of the SEC (excluding Georgia) proved once again to be home of the best college football in the country by clobbering those whining Big-10 types. Alabama shut up Michigan State. Florida put Penn State in their place, and Mississippi State ended the career of Rich Rod.

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