Friday, January 7, 2011

Can it really be coming to an end?

Posted by Mike
Hell may freeze over. Just the other day a thought crossed the lips and once out in the atmosphere it seemed totally ridiculous. It had been a long day when the words, “I'm kinda of burned out on college football,” just flew out.

The others in the conversation, diehard leather heads all, gave a look like, “Who the hell are you and where is our friend?”

Four months have faded. Hype and controversy has swirled. Hate has grown and a'int it grand. Wives who are accustomed to losing their husband for three days beginning around 7:40 PM on Thursday night, will have to adjust.

All over the South women are about to ask the same questions. Who is this strange man speaking with me on a Saturday after the noon hour? Doing the yard work?

Marriages will be reborn on January 11th. Of course I have long held the belief that Valentine's Day is the fabrication of a die hard football fan. Kind of a way to say, “Here's a $1.99 card and some chocolate. Sorry about zoning out for four months and neglecting you and whoever those two small people that live with us are. Why don't we take a nice family trip to Orlando during Spring Training to make it up to y'all?”

Which leads me to my complaint on Spring Training. Why do they have to wait until March to start?

Yes the next week will be that strange uncharted water that rolls around every year. After Cam Newton destroys Oregon, there will be no college games for a full seven months. Panic sets in. Will Tony Barnhart still write or does he go into a five month scotch and steak induced hibernation? Where will Tim Brando go to pump up Boise State? Does he hold secret meetings in Northwest Louisiana plotting the overthrow of the NCAA and BCS, and if so, how do I get invited? Finebaum isn't gonna start talking about Scrushy again is he? Most likely not since he lives at the epicenter of hatred. Oh no, it just hit me. If Auburn wins we will have to hear from Tammy as she calls in while on a cigaret break at the Waffle House in Selma. All the more reason to pull for the Ducks.

Here's a question, if Bill King talks about college football in the forest, can it be heard on satellite radio? Will Phil Steele use his time to actually come down to Georgia and inspect the offensive line he bragged about before printing useless drivel next July?

Okay that last one was mean, but that doesn't make it not true.

Sure we have recruiting to look forward to, but making heroes out of these young unproven kids is just plain stupid. They should at least have to get through summer school before we begin to pump them up and bail them out for Saturday's game which is, by the way, only a mere seven months away.

Honey, don't make any plans for Saturday, September 3, 2011 through January 9th, 2012. I think there is a game on.

Wait a minute...aren't the Falcons pretty good?

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