Thursday, January 27, 2011

Something to think about!!

Post by William

Just a few random thoughts heading into the weekend....

#1 Don't know how many of you are recruiting geeks but this is some really useful info if you're a UGA fan. By the way, the whole recruiting process is out of control. All of Thomas County Central is getting out of class for Ray Drew to announce where he's going at 10am tomorrow.

I wondered about #4 last night. Sounds logical. (I know. Can't use logic when we're dealing w/17-18 year old boys.) Could be good news!!

Read the link in #8. Can you imagine the %#&@ storm if that kid had committed to UGA? More "Program out of control"

#2 Matthew Stafford's FB gets a little mouthy about Stafford being a "china doll". He tried to back track saying he was misquoted. Maybe if he blocked better Stafford wouldn't be taking the shots he's taking.

#3 Another big game for UGA bball on Saturday in Lexington (4pm ESPN). Tuesday night's loss was heartbreaking. Really need to win Saturday to go dancing in March.

#4 Braves pitchers report to Turner Field for "voluntary" workouts  next week before heading to Spring Training. Can you wrap your head around the fact that Bobby Cox won't be our manager? Gonna take a few games I'm sure.

#5 In case you've been living in Biosphere 2011, Tiger Woods starts his season today in San Diego. Tees off at 12pm EST.

Lastly.... an observation

#6 If you're a guy, you cannot ride down the road driving w/a pocket dog(poodle,etc) in your lap, on your shoulder, etc.... Saw that this morning.I figure that's probably a rule somewhere but if not it should be. Your Man Card will be taken away.

Have a Great Weekend!!!

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