Friday, January 7, 2011

Thoughts for the weekend

Post by William

A few thoughts to ponder heading into a great sports weekend.....

#1 Who's ready for some basketball??!! The SEC starts conference play tomorrow with a huge game in Athens. Kentucky comes to town with their slimeball coach, John Calipari. UK is 12-2, UGA is 11-2 having won 8 straight. This is a big game for UGA to see if they can play with the big boys this year. BTW, I really like Mark Fox.

#2 How great a sports weekend is this?
     Friday     Lsu/Texas A&M at 8
     Saturday  Pitt/UK Bowl game at noon
                    Ga Tech @ BC bball at 4
                    UK at UGA bball at 4
                    Saints @ Seattle at 4:30   SNOWGAME!!
                    PGA Tour in Hawaii at 5:30
                    Jets @ Colts at 8
     Sunday    Ravens @ Chiefs at 1    SNOWGAME!!
                    Packers @ Eagles at 4:30
                    PGA Tour in Hawaii at 6
                    Maryland @ Duke bball at 8
                    Nevada/BC Bowl Game at 9

Happy Viewing!!

#3 This interview with UGA AD Greg McGarity yesterday actually made me feel better about the situation with UGA fball. Not really sure why. Seth Emerson from Bulldog Blog mentioned at CMR press conference the other day that the most notable thing was how much better the relationship is between Richt and McGarity is then it was between Richt and Damon Evans. Hadn't really heard that their relationship was that bad.

#4 Speaking of which, what are the "administrative duties" that are being taken away from CMR? What's his main job there? WIN GAMES. Hire somebody else to handle all the other stuff. Athletic Association NETTED $31 mill 2 years ago. Study film, recruit, WIN GAMES.

#5 Falcons Fans, have a nice relaxing weekend since our team has a bye this week!!!

Enjoy your weekend.

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