Monday, January 3, 2011

Let's compare UGA to Stanford.

Posted by Mike
Let's do a quick comparison of the 2010 Stanford team to Georgia's. I know it is dangerous to compare or covet another program, but how can we help it? So here goes:

  • Stanford is mentally and physically tough and plays gritty football. Their coach has a look in his eye like he wants to suit up and their fullback/linebacker plays both ways.
  • Georgia's running backs and receivers cramp up even when they are substituted constantly, and CMR is ready for a vacation.

  • Stanford has over 300 offensive plays and calls them with a purpose. It did not appear to me that Harbaugh was scripting the game, but rather making moves like in a game of Chess. One play led to a reaction from Bud Foster. Then the next move was already calculated. It also appeared to me that he rarely recycled a play, except the off tackle run to the left.
  • Not sure UGA has 300 plays and Bobo's only clearly definable strategy appears to be, “When in doubt, run a bubble screen.”

  • Stanford played with a much more athletic team and fought hard between the tackles.
  • Oh yeah, UGA lost to a directional school and kicked a field goal from the two when it was fourth and inches, ON THE FIRST DRIVE OF THE GAME.
The closer you look, the worse it gets.


  1. UGA has reached a point of critical mass. Small mistakes are over exaggerated, and big mistakes (like not showing up for your bowl game) are death nails.

    Richt should seriously consider resigning and offering some sort of discounted buy out. He is burned out on coaching and running a program and who can blame him. It has to be tough to count on these kids to do the right thing, and anyone preaching about recruiting character is dreaming. You have to recruit speed and that often comes in imperfect packages.

    Urban burned brighter, but also faded quicker than Richt. It is a tough job, and his heart is clearly not in it.

  2. Don't forget Stanford has had some down years. Pleanty of them.

  3. Stanford recruits and plays European American athletes (particularly on defense)....Georgia does not

  4. That's "death knells"...blame my West Coast education...Jim Harbaugh does have a style of coaching that obviously appeals to a wide spectrum of ADs and GMs. Richt will show us if he still has a fire in his belly and if the game means anything to him...we'll see! If you look at the potential "star" recruits Georgia is looking at you see, "I'm flipping a coin to decide,,," and "I can't make up my mind" comments from these heroes of the gridiron. If this is the caliber of players we depend on in the future it would take a George Halas/Knute Rockne combo to mold them into anything. Hang tough tho'..the Dawgs will return!!