Thursday, August 30, 2012

Week 1 Picks

Post by William

It's time for My Award Winning Weekly Picks. I'm going up against 1 lucky person that has correctly answered our weekly trivia question. This week's winner is old college friend Rick Rodriguez. If my recollection is correct, he used to be REALLY good at this. Time to fire away.

South Carolina minus 6.5 vs Vandy(HOME)  
GSR   SC        RR     Vandy

Tennessee minus 3 vs NC State at Georgia Dome
GSR  Tenn       RR   NC ST

Michigan State(HOME) minus 7 vs Boise State
GSR    MSU      RR    MSU

Notre Dame minus 15.5 vs Navy in Ireland
GSR   Navy       RR    ND

Miami minus 2.5 vs Boston College(HOME)
GSR    Miami      RR    Miami

UGA(HOME) minus 38 vs Buffalo
GSR     UGA       RR    UGA

Florida(HOME) minus 28.5 vs Bowling Green
GSR     UF      RR   Bowling Green

Clemson minus 3.5 vs Auburn at Georgia Dome
GSR     Clemson       RR   Clemson

Alabama minus 14 vs Michigan at JerryWorld
GSR      Bama      RR     Bama

Louisville(HOME) minus 12.5 vs Kentucky
GSR    Louisville       RR     Louisville

Va Tech(HOME) minus 7 vs Ga Tech
GSR     VaTech      RR    VaTech

TIEBREAKER    TOTAL Points in Ohio U vs Penn State    Closest Wins
GSR   47      RR   52

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