Friday, August 31, 2012

Same result... but that isn't the same Ole Vandy.

Post by Mike

If you watched any of the game last night you may have noticed a few key points.

1 - Vandy didn't get a crucial non call on their final drive. It was pass interference, but no laundry.

2 - That isn't the same old Vandy team. Their defense hits! They hit like a big boy SEC school. In fact on the key play of the game Commodore corner back Andre Hal crushed Carolina tight end Justice Cunningham knocking his hat off. That hit was penalized and USC eventually scored on the drive.

3 - You have to wonder how long Vandy can hold on to this coach. Arkansas and even Tennessee have to be coveting thy neighbor's signal caller.

Franklin has his boys believing they can play with Carolina, and Florida, and Georgia. So what appeared to be a weak home schedule for the Dawgs just became more interesting with the Dores planning a trip to Athens in just three short weeks.

Carolina rallies to beat Vandy.


  1. Skeeter from BamaFriday, August 31, 2012

    You're way off. Vandy lost b/c of their Coach being an idiot. Their O-Line is putrid. I think you're hoping.

  2. Scooter - the number 9 team in the land didn't cover. You're currently 0-1 against our guest picker, and I didn't say anything good about the Vandy O line.

    If you can't see the improvement at Vandy vs. previous coaches you are way off.