Thursday, August 30, 2012

Predictions for the Year

Post by William

I was told if I didn't get these in today they wouldn't count so here they come.

Conference Winners

BIG TEN    Legends- Michigan State
                   Leaders- Wisconsin
                   Champion- Wisconsin
Aren't those names silly?

PAC 12    North- Oregon
                South- USC
                Champion- Oregon...... I think USC's scholarship reductions will get them by the end of the year

BIG 12   West Virginia      Oklahoma has to go to Morgantown. That's the game that will decide

Big East      Louisville    YAWN

ACC   Atlantic    FSU   All that recruiting finally helps Jimbo Fisher
           Coastal    VA Tech
           Champion    FSU

SEC     East      UGA    I know I'm a homer but the schedule just sets up too perfect
            West     Bama    I don't buy into all the "Mettenberger hype"
            Champion    Bama

BCS Championship Game        Bama vs FSU

Champion      Bama     Don't have any imperical facts. Just a feeling.

Heisman Trophy Winner      Matt Barkely      DUH


1   USC
2   LSU
3   Alabama
4   Oklahoma
5   FSU
6   UGA
7  Wisconsin
8  Oregon
9  South Carolina
10  Michigan

I'll keep the TOP 10 on the side all year.

Have a great season!!!

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