Monday, August 13, 2012

Mark Richt has lost control of Senator Blutarsky!

Post by Mike

The good Senator Blutarsky makes his ever so subtle point that doubters (I place myself in this category) blame CMR for the collapse of the Western World. Just scroll his headlines for a good chuckle.

Link here to "Get The Picture"

While he has a point, I have noticed a lack of energy in the fan base. UGA is coming off an SEC East Championship, our schedule looks like a cake walk, but the enthusiasm is pretty low. That second game of the season at Mizzou is crucial. A big win there, and you'll watch the Dawg Nation come to life.

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  1. The Bulldogs are a bit like the Braves. Every year you go in a little pessimistic and every year you get sucked in to thinking big things (as opposed to being a Hawks fan where you don't even get sucked in that far, but Danny Ferry may change that). Then the inevitable happens and they end up playing LSU or Alabama and it's like, "oh...right, they kill us".