Thursday, August 16, 2012

Braves brief:

Post by Mike

On the Starsburg front: the kid is sitting at 139.1 innings. By my math, with an average six innings per start, he's got five games left in his tank this season. Nats pitching stats

On Prado: He has taken some heat for his long homer drought, but in my opinion, he may be the team MVP. As a two hitter his job isn't to punch dingers. His job is to move Bourn into scoring position. He is hitting .302 with 51 RBI and a .363 OBP. Prado's stats Plus he has played first, second, third, short, and left. With the game on the line there is no other player, except maybe number 10, who I would want at the plate.

A reason to be very optomistic: If statistics hold truth, the Braves can over come this 4.5 game lead the Nats hold. To date Atlanta has scored 548 runs (3rd in the NL). The Nats offense has only plated 525 (6th in the NL). NL Scoring

On the flip side of that argument is runs allowed. Washington pitching has given up 420 runs this season. Best in the NL. The Braves are fourth in the league with 461. NL pitching stats

Now you see the importance of that Strasburg sittuation.

The Braves should pin this on the wall: Even the Nats beat writter is already strutting around. He does, however, have a good point with his math. If Washington plays .500 ball from here on out, the Braves have to play .600 ball to tie them. Nats beat writter

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